It’s all about moving the planet forward

We are motivated by making a difference. By contributing to the development of technologies that have the potential to solve important challenges. That doesn’t always mean the easiest road to our goals. And achieving them requires both eagerness and endurance.

Sustainability is not always straighforward. It requires an understanding of how the world around you influences – and will influence – your business, but also an understanding of how your business will influence the world around you, today and in the future. And how you can use this to achieve robust profitability, both financially and in terms of sustainability.

We are looking for companies that take sustainability seriously. That want to contribute to change, and that are prepared to work hard and methodically with us, to attain both great change and positive impacts.

Consideration of sustainability is embedded in our investment process and in our follow up of our portfolio companies. Read more about how we work and our approach to SFDR in the file below.

A talent for value creation begins with the will to dare the unknown

Theories, hypotheses and research are rooted in ambition. Clear goals, systematic hard work and dedication create results. Sarsia focus on technologies that can improve the quality of life, society and reduce negative impact on nature. Sarsia creates value by linking good solutions and science with competent capital. We thrive on change, and dare to take risks to create value. This has made us one of the best performing VC firms in the Nordic countries.

  • 18
    Years since startup
  • 1300
    mNOK (3 funds)
  • 12600
    mNOK Portfolio IPEV Value
  • 1417 companies screened

  • 28 portfolio companies

  • Top performance among Norwegian Early Stage Venture funds

  • Two of the most valuable early stage venture backed companies in Norway.

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