Reliability is at the core of what we do

If you are an entrepreneur or a scientist with possible solutions to specific challenges targeted in our investment sphere, we encourage you to get in touch.

If we see a good fit with our mandate we will start analyzing your company, solution or technology in depth. Our investment process involves detailed scrutinization of various elements of the proposed investment prospect. This includes technology robustness, market relevance and potential value - and
A positive outcome of the in-depth analyses could potentially lead to an initial investment from Sarsia.

Sarsia take a long-term perspective when it comes to financing, and prospects are supported through progressive rounds of capitalisation.

A typical first round of investment will be on the order of 2-5 million NOK, for a 10% to 40% ownership stake. If we see ambition and dedication, a realistic development plan and a credible team combined with innovative research or technology, the total investment from Sarsia can, in time, reach 30–40 million NOK.

Investment sectors

When we invest, we try our utmost to "get it right first time". This can only take place as a group effort between us and yout team. Working together, we map out a company's development plan, defining the company’s goals and creating a realistic plan for a profitable and sustainable business through a close, respectful collaboration with the company's management. We are active within the various companies in our portfolio, always retaining a position on the board. Our goal is to ensure best decisions being made on the path towards value inflecting milestones ultimately giving a profitable and sustainable business.

Investment areas

  • Life Sciences

    Our focus is on unmet medical needs. Where competence and capital are decisive when turning a laboratory result into an effective treatment for the patient.

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  • Technology, Energy and Sustainability

    We search for technologies and founders capable of accelerating the green transition and of building sustainable companies for the future.

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A talent for value creation begins with the will to dare the unknown

Theories, hypotheses and research are rooted in ambition. Clear goals, systematic hard work and dedication create results. Sarsia focus on technologies that can improve the quality of life, society and reduce negative impact on nature. Sarsia creates value by linking good solutions and science with competent capital. We thrive on change, and dare to take risks to create value. This has made us one of the best performing VC firms in the Nordic countries.

  • 18
    Years since startup
  • 1300
    mNOK (3 funds)
  • 12600
    mNOK Portfolio IPEV Value
  • 1417 companies screened

  • 28 portfolio companies

  • Top performance among Norwegian Early Stage Venture funds

  • Two of the most valuable early stage venture backed companies in Norway.

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