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Technology, Energy and Sustainability

Sarsia strives to help accelerate the development of unique technologies that create stable and sustainable value.

We steer capital towards clean energy, renewable resources and technology that provides better resource utilization. We support change within aquaculture and shipping, and the new blue economy. We see that future profitability comes in the wake of valuable goals such as contributing to the increase of clean energy, the reduction of pollution, human waste, and greenhouse gases.

We are looking for founders with unique solutions where we can contribute capital and expertise towards the development of a company.

Research and innovation are fundamental to Sarsia's foundation. With our extensive scientific network, and deep knowledge in the fields of technology, biology, physics and marine science, we can understand and identify opportunities and challenges on the path towards sustained profitability. We achieve this by connecting complex global and environmental problems with technologies needed to meet those challenges through defined milestones to help bring those technologies to their highest potential.

Examples of investment areas:

The new, blue economy

  • Renewable energy
  • Green shipping
  • Aquaculture and fishing
  • Biotech
  • Monitoring the ocean

Clean tech and green tech

  • Electricification
  • Hydrogen Value Chain
  • Mobility solutions
  • Energy storage
  • Electric power - analysis, control, and management technologies.
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Resource optimalization and circular solutions

Deep technology

  • IoT, instrumentation and distributed processing
  • Advanced analysis, machine learning, AI, hardware and software services.
  • Drones and automation
  • Monitoring, streamlining and optimalization, prediction and analysis
  • Material technology, optimalization and streamlining of renewable energy.

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Other investment areas

  • Life Sciences

    Our focus is on unmet medical needs. Where competence and capital are decisive when turning a laboratory result into an effective treatment for the patient.

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