Trisense AS

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Trisense will be the leading provider of Monitoring-as-a-Service in explosive areas in process plants through the Fusion family of wireless smart sensors

Trisense delivers Monitoring-as-a-Service for process plants, with a particular focus on predicting corrosion under insulation (CUI). The technology is certified at the highest TRL level, and ready for full-scale rollout. The battery life of the ex-certified sensors is 15 years+, and they communicate wirelessly with 4G/5G so there is no need for additional infrastructure. In addition, they have a simple and patented attachment that makes installation significantly less expensive than other solutions.

The value creation if you can postpone costly process plant maintenance through monitoring of corrosion is huge , and correspondingly the enviromental and climate effect is substantial due to both fewer dangerous incidents and also kilometers of pipes and insulation that you do not have to discard at each plant.